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EBIZ Institute

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We saw an opportunity to provide real, forward facing solutions to gaps in the evolving online educational market.”


About EBIZ Institute

The idea of EBIZ was born out of founders’ Pamela Lim and Nicholas Manley’s shared experience while members of the Harvard community. “Cambridge is the source of so many amazing innovations in education. This tiny city is home to both Harvard and MIT. It seems that every person on the street is a graduate student, doctorate, or professor of some kind. It’s a place of positive vision to be sure”, says Manley.

In addition to its claim as a hub of top tier higher learning, Cambridge also hosts industry giants such as Akamai, Apple, Google, Novartis, Amazon, Microsoft, and Pfizer, not to mention the dozens of tech startups coming out of “the most innovative square mile on the planet” in Cambridge’s Kendall Square neighborhood.

In this center of education and innovation, Nick Manley and Pamela Lim founded the Cambridge Institute of Communication Arts. “We saw an opportunity to provide real, forward facing solutions to gaps in the evolving online educational market.” says Manley. “What we’re developing represents tangible opportunity for a global community in need. It’s an opportunity to provide meaningful access to those who didn’t have it.”

“It’s not just the access either.” adds Lim, “What we’re offering is not just an invitation to view or participate in courses online, it’s an opportunity change students lives through the earning of verifiable certificates and degrees backed up by the strength and accountability of great professors from world-class universities.
In 2020, EBIZ relocated its base of operations to Singapore, creating new access catering to Asian markets and student populations. “We see great strength in rapidly emerging economies with smart and driven students in countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia to name a few. Our focus will continue to be on providing concrete and rigorous education through new and emerging technologies. We will continue to adapt and evolve with the needs of an ever changing market. Our adaptability is a strength we bring that more traditional universities can’t match. We’re excited about the future.” says Pamela Lim.


Nicholas Manley

Professor: Media and Marketing

An award winning filmmaker with a diverse background in media, marketing and online
education, Nick Manley has amassed a wealth of knowledge in a field that demands flexibility
and adaptation. Pioneering the use of cinematic techniques in social media marketing, Nick
has taught hundreds of students art of visual storytelling to drive revenue and profitability for
startups and big companies alike.
He has been a lecturer in Media Production at Harvard’s Extension School for the last 5 years
and teaches entrepreneurship in Singapore.
He also co-founded the Cambridge Institute of Communication Arts, a higher learning institute
for digital media and entrepreneurship with a core of business and social media marketing

Pamela Lim

CEO & Entrepreneur

Pamela Lim has more than 30 years experience as an entrepreneur, professor and business
trainer. She was the first Singaporean to achieve a NASDAQ-SGX listing (2001) as a pioneer
in e-business.
Subsequently, she spent 10 years as a professor at Singapore Management University
nurturing young entrepreneurs in crafting their businesses including their digital media and
social media strategies. Dozens of her proteges have gone on to become some of the most
successful entrepreneurs in Asia.
She has won countless awards including: Singapore’s Top 10 Female entrepreneur in 1999
(finalist), The Most Promising Female Entrepreneur in 2000 (winner) and Netrepreneur of the
Year in 2001 (winner).
Pamela has developed numerous private multimillion-dollar projects using the same social
media strategies she teaches in the classroom. As a passionate educator, in 2014 she
founded All Gifted, an online highschool with thousands of students internationally and in 2017 she co-founded EBIZ.

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