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Some people believe that people who achieve great things are geniuses by nature. But I believe that it is ordinary people like you and I who do extraordinary things. Some think that geniuses are born with good genes and have a great brought up.  Take a good look at those around you who have achieved much.  Many are ordinary people.  Some are under-privileged, underdogs, and even not ‘typical’ or not ‘normal’. 

They are too happy knowing that they are smart enough to move mountains.  So let them dream…   We?  We go on and do something great, follow these legends:

  1. Steve Jobs:  born to an unwed mother, he was fostered out.  He never finished college.  Armed with sheered determination and hard work, and the refusal to bow down to failure, he overcame obstacle after obstacle.
  2. Bill Gates:  he dropped out of college to pursue a dream of founding a company.  Many believe he has Asperger Syndrome, a life-time high functioning autism spectrum.  He leveraged on this ‘deficiency’ – being poor with social skills and adept at technical knowledge, he created a software empire unmatched in his time.
  3. Stephen Hawkings: he was struck with motor neurone disease.  A man stuck to a wheel chair and who cannot even speak or feed himself continues to bring discovery, hope and joy to thousands more able-bodied people through his discovery in physics.

More Geniuses

  1. Richard Branson: born with dyslexia, he dropped out of school at 16.  Was it a disaster for him?  No, that is the very reason why he started building the Virgin empire at such a young age.  He turned his handicap into an advantage, gave himself such an early start, hardly anyone could catch up with him.
  2. Albert Einstein was labeled dull, dyslexic, even autistic.  His handicap in language was obvious in school.  Yet, he was brilliant in science and mathematics and he allowed these special talents of his shine despite his inabilities in other areas like language.  To me, he was a genius not because he was bright, but because he could overcome his other weaknesses and let his strongest points shine through.
  3. Ludwig van Beethoven was deaf.  A deaf musician and composer!!!  How could anyone imagine a composer without the most important sense.  Yet, his sheer determination and hard work made him one of the finest composers during his time and even till this day.  Another proof that handicap is no barrier to letting your special talent shine through.

Above is just a few examples of ordinary people who people consider to be geniuses today owing to their choices.  What about you?  What have done to the gift bestowed upon you today?

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